This page provides the calculated SLD values from items selected from the database or entered manually. Using the given chemical formula and one type of density information the tabulated x-ray and neutron atomic scattering data are used to calculate the optical parameters.
You can select a specific x-ray energy to get customized calculated values. For hydrogen containing compounds there is a similar functionality to choose deuteration amount. Isotopes are specified with N in square brackets (B[10]).

Physical constants are taken from CODATA Internationally recommended 2018 values. Neutron scattering lengths use the values from the ILL Neutron Data Booklet provided by the python periodictable package. X-ray energy dependant scattering is base on the NIST Standard Reference Database 66.

Fieldvalue for calculation
Chemical formula of a compound can be provided in various ways. It will typically be a sequence of chemical elements followed each by a number.
Isotopes are written with the mass number N in square brackets. D for deuterium is also accepted for H[2].
Repreating groups can be provided by a sub-formula in round brackets followed by a number of repetitions.
For organic molecules that exchange hydrogen atoms with their environment, such exchangable hydrogens are written separately as Hx element.
Fe2O3 / H[2]2O / H2(C2H4)4 / B[10]4C

You can look up the reference elemental data in the periodic table.

Formulas used for the calculation:

Open Reflectometry Standards Organization scattering length density database. Written by Artur Glavic from Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI).