This is a database for materials for scattering length density (SLD) calculations for neutron and x-ray reflectometry and small angle scattering.
It is provided by the Open Reflectometry Standards Organization (ORSO).

Please report any issues and suggestions on GitHub or directly to SLDdb Admin.

In addition to the manual search on this website we provide a simple API that can be called by other software and provides data as JSON text.

Application Programmers Interface (API) Usage:

Manual calculation of SLD from formula and density values:

Retrieve a list of fields that can be used for database queries.

Search database for material using arbitrary fields.

Calculation of SLD form database material.

Units for x-ray results are:
  1. edens: electron density (rₑ/ų)

  2. sld: scattering length density (1/Ų)

  3. n_db: optical constants (δ/β) for refractive index (n=1-δ+iβ) (1)

The resulting data is a dictionary with the SLD information and some further materials parameters. Units for the given values are provided unter the "units" keyword.

Download Python library that implements the API.
Open Reflectometry Standards Organization scattering length density database. Written by Artur Glavic from Paul Scherrer Institut (PSI).